Batch Inscribing

Multiple inscriptions can be created inscriptions at the same time using the pointer field. This is especially helpful for collections, or other cases when multiple inscriptions should share the same parent, since the parent can passed into a reveal transaction that creates multiple children.

To create a batch inscription using a batchfile in batch.yaml, run the following command:

ord wallet inscribe --fee-rate 21 --batch batch.yaml

Example batch.yaml

# example batch file

# inscription modes:
# - `separate-outputs`: inscribe on separate postage-sized outputs
# - `shared-output`: inscribe on a single output separated by postage
# - `same-sat`: inscribe on the same sat
mode: separate-outputs

# parent inscription:
parent: 6ac5cacb768794f4fd7a78bf00f2074891fce68bd65c4ff36e77177237aacacai0

# postage for each inscription:
postage: 12345

# sat to inscribe on, can only be used with `same-sat`:
# sat: 5000000000

# inscriptions to inscribe
# each inscription has the following fields:
# `file`: path to inscription contents
# `metadata`: inscription metadata (optional)
# `metaprotocol`: inscription metaprotocol (optional)
# `destination`: destination for that inscription (optional). Note: If no destination is specified a new wallet change address will be used
  - file: mango.avif
      title: Delicious Mangos
      description: >
        Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam semper,
        ligula ornare laoreet tincidunt, odio nisi euismod tortor, vel blandit
        metus est et odio. Nullam venenatis, urna et molestie vestibulum, orci
        mi efficitur risus, eu malesuada diam lorem sed velit. Nam fermentum
        dolor et luctus euismod.
    destination: bc1qw508d6qejxtdg4y5r3zarvary0c5xw7kv8f3t4

  - file: token.json
    metaprotocol: brc-20

  - file: tulip.png
      author: Satoshi Nakamoto
    destination: bc1pdqrcrxa8vx6gy75mfdfj84puhxffh4fq46h3gkp6jxdd0vjcsdyspfxcv6