Teleburn addresses can be used to burn assets on other blockchains, leaving behind in the smoking rubble a sort of forwarding address pointing to an inscription on Bitcoin.

Teleburning an asset means something like, "I'm out. Find me on Bitcoin."

Teleburn addresses are derived from inscription IDs. They have no corresponding private key, so assets sent to a teleburn address are burned. Currently, only Ethereum teleburn addresses are supported. Pull requests adding teleburn addresses for other chains are welcome.


Ethereum teleburn addresses are derived by taking the first 20 bytes of the SHA-256 hash of the inscription ID, serialized as 36 bytes, with the first 32 bytes containing the transaction ID, and the last four bytes containing big-endian inscription index, and interpreting it as an Ethereum address.


The ENS domain name rodarmor.eth, was teleburned to inscription zero.

Running the inscription ID of inscription zero is 6fb976ab49dcec017f1e201e84395983204ae1a7c2abf7ced0a85d692e442799i0.

Passing 6fb976ab49dcec017f1e201e84395983204ae1a7c2abf7ced0a85d692e442799i0 to the teleburn command:

$ ord teleburn 6fb976ab49dcec017f1e201e84395983204ae1a7c2abf7ced0a85d692e442799i0


  "ethereum": "0xe43A06530BdF8A4e067581f48Fae3b535559dA9e"

Indicating that 0xe43A06530BdF8A4e067581f48Fae3b535559dA9e is the Ethereum teleburn address for inscription zero, which is, indeed, the current owner, on Ethereum, of rodarmor.eth.